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Register now for our most in-demand and industry alligned course
"Linear Algebra for core-engineers and Data Scientist"!! Completely free - limited period offer.. grab it now
Available from 1st of May 2022

Register now for our most in-demand and industry alligned course
"Linear Algebra for core-engineers and Data Scientist"!! Completely free - limited period offer.. grab it now
Available from 1st of May 2022

Register now for our most in-demand and industry alligned course
"Linear Algebra for core-engineers and Data Scientist"!! Completely free - limited period offer.. grab it now
Available from 1st of May 2022

Job readiness skill acquisition program

Master Certification Course

CAE Skills In

Structural Mechanics, Design and Analysis

For Industry and Academy Avenues
Implemented by

An Initiative of the Ministry of Education, Govt. of India
E-books on structural design and analysis
Conforms to national occupations standards
defined in the quality pack (NSQF level 7)
that complies with the guidelines of sector skill council of NASSCOM.

What industry experts have to say about Master Certification.

  • “The advent of precision industry has led to designing become more precise – as my former boss I DRDO used to say the precision used in design leads to a better manufactured product. Innovent’s training program will equip the engineers achieve this precision in design.”

    Sridhar Sriraman
    Aerospace and FEA Enthusiast
  • It was indeed a pleasure to review the contents of the course/training modalities and topics covered.
    Here are my comments:
    “The search for getting young engineers industry ready ends here.
    Very well crafted /articulated courses for the new budding engineers who not only want to pursue design as a profession but also as a good sandwich course between academia and the industry.It also provides for honing the skills of engineers in the industry. I would even recommend the academia adopting this as an extension or alternate to interns in their initial phase of professional career”.

    P S Srinivasa Raghavan
    Mechanical engineer, 4 decades of work in vivid industries from micro precision to aerospace industry.
  • “Innovent’s efforts to be appreciated, in bringing out the real time
    applications, interpreted in terms of significance, in a lucid way. The learning will help budding engineers a long way, by understanding and visualising the core concepts with ease.
    Keep it up.”

    Professor DEE (Formerly CEESAT), NIT-Trichy
  • Enggskills attempts to provide the much-needed ability for Mechanical design engineers, to practically apply some of the critical design aspects. It also enables critical thinking abilities to find innovative solutions to complex problems.
    This course will be an additional armor to aspiring design engineers and will increase their employability and improve the efficiency of their designs.

    General Manager, Ford India
  • As a professional in automotive engineering and manufacturing sector for over 3 decades, I have always been challenged to ramp up capabilities of entry and mid level engineers. In house training does not have the necessary pedagogy and sending the engineers back to training institutes lead them to acquire more theoretical knowledge.
    Hence, I was quite impressed with Enggskills virtual institute – its course content, pedagogy, evaluation and application. It is a perfect combination of theory and application in an easy to understand way. I am glad to recommend this to both industries and students who want to quickly transition into value adding employees.

    K R Murali
    President, Rane Engine Valves
  • “Innovent’s E-learning sessions, handhold students in understanding from fundamental engineering concepts to overall visualisation of mechanical and allied engineering systems. The courses helps think/understand any such application in terms of equations/formulas/concepts with ease. It will surely help students in pursuing own projects and enhance their skills to contribute to new product development. Congratulate team INNOVENT in bringing out such a good programme. “

    Pf.C Vasantharaj
    Director,KCIRI Kumaraguru College of Technology,Coimbatore
  • I would like to say that yours is a well-designed course that exhibits some of the best examples of instructional structural analysis that I have seen. I’m looking forward to seeing how well it is adapted by the students and how well they do with the assignments. I believe you prepare people to carry out skills in the real world, Keep up the good work.
    It definitely an attempt to bridge the gap between curriculum & professional entry. It would help the students to get into core engineering jobs.

    Director and CEO of Mindglow Engineering Consultancy Pvt Ltd
  • Use of any Application Software like ANSYS etc to solve myriad Engineering Problems in the Real World requires a strong understanding of the Engineering Fundamentals and the edifice on which such Software rests. Stupendous efforts put in by INNOVENT Engineering Solutions Pvt Ltd to reinforce the fundamentals of Mechanical and Allied Engineering through their Website / Training Courses is laudable. I am sure it will go a long way in instilling confidence in Young Engineers and allow them to exploit the intrinsic capabilities of the Application Software with a clear understanding of its strengths and limitations.

    Dr. P J Rangachari
    Marine Engineering Consultant (Freelance)
  • The Innovents Master certification course in structural design and analysis provides an excellent option for every structural and mechanical engineer who like to pursue engineering design analysis career path. This practical course helps students to understand the basics of structural design and analysis tools. The curriculum helps students to get mastery on a wide range of analysis techniques from simple hand calculations techniques to complex numerical methods like FEA. This course is best suited for anyone who is either starting their career in or changing their career from other areas of engineering to structural design and analysis career. The real-world case study helps students to solve everyday engineering problem and to interpret the results which is an important step for mechanical engineering design process.

    Senthil Gopinathan
    Stress and Vibration Engineer, Stress and vibration Analysis Consultant, California, USA
  • The e-learning platform is thoughtfully designed to enhance the knowledge in engineering design and analysis domain. There is a skill gap exist in our country in this design and analysis area. Your e-learning certificate program certainly will help the graduate students and practicing engineees to hone and enhance their skill sets in engineering designs. Your program covers basics to application that will address skill gap and industry needs in our country . Further this certificate program will make the students ready for job . I congratulate you for initiating knowledge empowerment e-learning platform and wish all successes.

    Senior GM, TVS Sundaram Fasteners
  • This webinar is an opportunity offered to all the interested engineering students and practicing professionals and has been rinsed with fundamental thought, illustrative analysis, and thorough insights into the component design. It is a philanthropic effort by Innovent to address engineering community in general to enable them to foster their programmes with engineering vigour and better competence and weight their product development with a total load and restraints perspective. I am thankful to Innovent to deliver this content not seeking any personal gain but for fulfilling the need for excellence. Best regards

    Vivek Dhar
    Ex Director of Engineering Wabtec corporation
  • Very good content and insights on holistic design of Gas turbine components and systems. To design world class products, the design has to be at its best and that’s what precisely being explained in the video.

    Manjunath Lakkur
    Ex Rolls Royce desi
  • Very good and insights on holistic design of gas turbine components and systems. Fundamental explanation with equations, in-depth concept design approach are very informative. I was very lucky to be trained by this humble and very talented professional. Thank you, sir, for this wonderful webinar. We look forward to seeing many more webinars in the future.

    Pradeep Angadi
    Manufacturing Engineering Lead UK Manchester
  • “This book is a great book and it gives a lot of information on how to generate the CRITICAL ENGG THINKING in students.
    I have a copy of the book and I feel that every engg college and people teaching design or for that matter any engg. subject should have this book .It gives a lot of practical aspects of basic aspects of engg important for design. Shall be happy if people working in Pune university syllabus refer this book in some way or the other.”

    Sanjay S Deshpande
    Consultant (CAE), Pune
  • “The training materials are fascinating and very illuminating. The quality is indeed exceptionally high, and NAFEMS can be very proud to be associated with INNOVENT “

    Tim Morris
  • The level and nature of training was exceptional with concrete exercise/examples and excellent analysis. The training was very inspirational, energizing, bringing lots of ideas on to the table, with both substantial and in-depth knowledge coupled with case studies, learning from
    experience and being fully practice-oriented. Also, would like to highlight, that time management
    was excellent – sessions and days were not too long, as often happens in these sorts of workshops. There were lot of content, so lots of food for thought! I recommend this training to all Mechanical Engineers interested in seeing real progress in their engineering profession. All FE analysts would certainly benefit from this training. As the title suggests ‘Engineering Critical Thinking’ is a unique course designed to develop engineering skill with versatility, a feature that companies like HCL look for in every designer/analyst.

    About the Trainer

    Content and presentation by the trainer was consistently of high quality and engaging. Moreover, each session provided an excellent overview of the challenges and opportunities inherent in each area – while challenging the team to clarify and come up with own answers. We feel that all the techniques / methods used, the audio visuals/PowerPoint were extremely good. At no point of time we felt that the training was “lengthy” or “dragging on”. Even after scheduled breaks, we could witness lot of energy and enthusiasm. Team felt challenged and consistently drawn into the exercises and presentations, with full attention during entire three days of the workshop. I once again thank on behalf of HCLT and look forward for your continued association with us.

    Ganga Reddy C
    CAE CoE MAAI HCL Technologies Ltd
  • Feedback from an Ex-DRDO scientist at the valedictory function of the Workshop on “Engineering Critical Thinking” at Kumaraguru College of Technology (KCT), Coimbatore. One look at the final presentation at the workshop and flipping through the booklet meant for the attendees
    convinced me that the contents of the workshop transmitted the best of engineering wisdom

    gathered over years of addressing intricate engineering assignments. The case studies presented

    – taken from real life problems must have challenged the top engineering minds while solving them. I am sure this workshop should have given a good peep to the participants, on what real- world engineering is all about, at globally respected design departments. Passing on such invaluable knowledge should not be confined to just the student community but also to young and experienced working professionals engaged in serious design. Our best wishes to M/s Innovent for having thought of such a great concept.

    K R Ananth
    Tech Head, Education Products, Kinesis Technologies, Coimbatore
  • “INNOVENT has offered us an unique and well-crafted bridge between academic concepts and
    Industrial application, leading to increased knowledge and hence better motivation for engineers”

    SAFRAN Engineering Services (SAFRAN Group), Bangalore
  • Very good information for mechanical engineers… Especially for designers working in gas turbine industry

    Srinivas velayudhan
    Technical Manager QuEST Global

Welcome to Innovent’s league of thinkers!

Come aboard, let us build the engineering thinking for tomorrow.
We want to ramp-up young talent from academia to industry. One of the key features of the entire program is to introduce, comprehensively, the routine challenges confronted by designers and analysts during new product introduction. These include unobvious engineering failures, lifing, material selection etc.

Real Time Case Studies

The course provides a strong physics background, consolidated by real time case studies. The entire course is delivered via Bloom’s Taxonomy with 2D and 3D animations for visualization.

Assessments and Evaluation

3 level holistic evaluation and assessment at the end of each module. Gamified evaluation for rigorous conceptualization at each stage of learning.

Course Material

An extremely well written, illustrated and critically reviewed (by industries) book on the course

Metrics for Recruiters

All evaluations along with a detailed learning summary are well documented against the defined metrics and made available to the recruiters.


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